Allison Stivland

hello! welcome to my portfolio.

i’m a designer & lettering artist based in minneapolis.


recent work

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ongoing lettering project

alzheimer’s association

graphic design

kodiak fishing

garment design

My values


I am a client-centered designer. That means that without you, I’m just a pencil without a hand. My inspiration comes to life through the parameters set by my clients. I use empathy to feel what my clients are feeling and think the way my clients do. I start the design process by meeting with clients and creating connections that allow me to understand vision, mission, and purpose. These human connections are vital to my creative process.


Projects change. Ideas morph. Second opinions emerge. I get it, and as a designer I move right alongside my clients. Unexpected turns happen, and that’s why I value adaptability, because you never know which turn will lead you down the right road.


You might find me most days with a sketch pad and pencil in my hand, but don’t mistake me for one of those artsy types with her head in the clouds. I’m a grammar nerd, I’m a big fan of sensibility, and I know that your top priority is to get your message across.

My background in psychology means that I know how brains process information, and I know what makes an advertisement, logo, or brand effective. I prioritize readability, common sense, and simplicity in my work.